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Brand Management  

When managing our client, we identify Brand position and help build a strong campaign for the desired demographic and aspiring connectors. We also appraise the brand’s unique value, determining the expected outcome and affirm what differentiates client from others that are similar through developing career and accolade markers.         


Brand Building & Development 

Creating a brand story unique to our client. We help to define a more authentic brand by developing Brand Personality and desired associations that will best accelerate the growth and notoriety of that brand.

Brand Reconstruction

Assessing client’s activity and interests as they relate to the brand they currently represent, we define their brand for the future and reconstruct a more marketable brand, based on demand and success.

Brand Identity & Image

Determining how our client’s brand is to be perceived by its consumers; we create a concept that is easily manifested by all components of the brand (name, logo, tone, tagline and typeface). We ensure our client’s brand reflects the value and appeal it is seeking to bring to the market and its audience.

Brand Creation

We work with our clients to create brand & business model plans based on current renderings, frame work, and infrastructure for their vision plan and create a journey map to assist them in getting there.

Brand Concierge Services

Handling your business while developing and managing your brand is essential to your overall success. We help you become more effective and efficient while handling your day to day functions and unique brand needs.


Social Media Identity Creation

We offer innovative social media identity creation services to communicate your brand’s or business’ unique product or service benefits, and differentiate you from the competition through social media marketing.

Social Media Campaigns

We develop our social media marketing efforts to integrate your target audience, message, and media outlets. Our goal is to inform, and engage the world with your brand while building and increasing visibility.


Website Redesign Services

Our redesign packages include A website template update or upgrade, home page redesign, content creation and placement, Ecommerce page (Buy/Download), Opt-in page, and video installation.


Website Design & Creation

Include update of website template, home page redesign, content creation and placement, Ecommerce page (Buy/Download), Opt-in page, and video installation.


Website Maintenance & upgrades

We provide monthly maintenance of unlimited updates and webhosting that includes any changes, adding or deletion of web elements. We will Repair or replace any web elements or pages that are nonfunctioning. We make recommendations to our clients that will save time, effort, and money.


Design Studio

Our design studio packages are comprised of conceptualization and creation of online Quote Cards, Memes, Flyers, and Logos.


Brand Strategy

Our Brand Strategist creates definitive vehicles of consistency, clear communications and a cohesive brand strategy through weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly coaching sessions.

Coaching Sessions

Life, Brand, Business, Image and Idea Development are part of Eyeology INC’s organic coaching process. During our sessions we use a unique approach. Our coaching sessions are designed to work from the inside out, using accountability disciplines, coaching therapy, resource awareness, self-assessment modules and efficiency maximizers.  These sessions assist clients in clearly defining objectives, improving processes and creating a brand message congruent with their overall vision. During the coaching sessions, the Brand Strategist/coach works to develop Brand Identity and Personality while using available resources to meet the demands of their target markets.


Content Directions & Creation

We examine your content for imperfections to create a more clear, concise, and structurally sound message to complement your overall vision. We are able to do this through Blue Print Creations, Vision Plan & Journey Mapping, Goal setting and execution plans with realistic time lines and specific steps needed to effectively bring your visions to fruition. Our client works with brand strategists and coaches to create vehicles of consistency, effective communications and cohesive strategies for forward movement.


3rd Eye Review

Also known as "Social Media Proofreading" Proofread your posts, tweets, blog entries and notes prior to posting, tweeting, or sharing via social media.


Management Services

Generate opportunities and Management of individuals and brand.


First Point of contact for booking and fee negotiation, press releases, and letters of introduction

Research and Development

Researching opportunities for client that are relevant and beneficial to their overall brand. Prepare packaging  and letters of introduction to be sent to organizations, companies, shows, etc... to create interest and initiate public relation efforts.


Business Set-up

Assist businesses in start-up creation, business name, tax identification, tagline, logos, marketing materials, contract/agreement set-up, policies and procedures.


Brand/Business Invoicing

Monthly billing/invoicing, and revenue collections for brand and businesses.

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