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eyeology INC Management

Eyeology INC has a curated management sector that focuses exclusively on a select group of individuals needing our services. We respond to all inquiries, handle negotiations, manage their calendars, issue agreements, coordinate logistics, collect and track payments, as well as other administrative, sales, and marketing tasks. The clients that we manage have approached us because they’ve reached a point where they have outgrown the stage they were in and would like to go to another dimension. Most often the demand for their programs, information, presence, social media attention or products has grown high enough, that they can’t keep up with everything on their own; Or they want to streamline/outsource the booking process to a team who cares about their business and brand. Delegating is one of the most efficient ways to effectively maintain focus and execute on high levels. We believe that it is important to work with our clients one on one so that they can focus on running their business, writing, consulting, performing or to have more free time. Our job is to help them be the best that they can be by helping them manage all that they are.

eyeology INC Management Services

"Ordinary people think merely of spending time,

Amazing people

think about managing it."

     -Kai Mann

  • Liaise with speaker's bureaus, production companies, publicists, event professionals, assistants and meeting planners

  • First point of contact

  • Complete brand overhaul

  • Develop and maintain associated bureaus, appropriate memberships and affiliations

  • Develop and maintain website and marketing materials

  • Manage social media presence

  • Managing master presentation calendar of event inquiries, holds, bookings

  • Negotiating contracts, processing paperwork and collecting payments

  • Post correspondences

  • Brand construction, Brand management and Strategy development

  • Video resume directing, scripting and production 

  • Demo video, one-sheet bio, videos of introduction

  • Image consulting and management

  • Photo shoots

  • Talking points (interview preparation)

Contact us today to see how

Eyeology INC Management may be able to help you manage all or some of your amazing pieces!

Phone: (773) 690-2393


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