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Clients: Age, Ego and Results...



I have a variety of clients that range in age but I notice that my clients in their mid-forties and up have a harder time adjusting to coaching. What can I do to help my clients in that age range open up and be more fluid in their sessions?

Yes, great way to ask your question. If you are younger than your clients you may run into those that say, “What can you tell me, I’m older and have more experience than you?” First, you must understand that they came to you for a reason so there must be an underlying issue but we’ll get to that later.

You’ve worked with a client and they question everything that you are telling them to do. Or you’ve given them assignments and they tell you “I’m not sure I understand how this is going to help with my brand, life, or business.” Sometimes clients in a certain age range will seem more difficult to work with because they may be stuck in some unhealthy habits, patterns, or ways that make them more combative or argumentative about the process.


Some clients will feel as if what you are saying to them is that what they have done for forty or plus years is wrong. Even though you may not use that terminology that is how they feel. For some clients, it is tough coming to grips with that and sometimes it seems easier to remain in denial about how you got to where you are rather than working to move away from it. As a coach your job is to help your client see the behavior that is keeping them stuck and unwilling to progress first. Having them to understand what worked, what didn’t and why is important to focus on so it helps them transition into a more healthier state of being and living. It’s not always easy and being a good coach we always want to see our clients succeed. The best way to do this is by getting them to disrupt old patterns and antiquated thinking so that they can have a more healthy and productive life. This happens when you begin to ask your clients questions that challenge their thinking, digging down to the root of their beliefs. When we can truly understand why we believe the way that we do and where that thinking comes from we can begin to change it.

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