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Eyeology INC  is an Innovative, Navigational, and Creative company that works with its clients from the inside out. We are organically grown and believe that each client's needs are unique and important. We work with our clients in innovative ways to help them go to higher levels as they work toward meeting their goals  We assist our clients in conceptualizing, developing, building, rebuilding, or restructuring their lives, businesses and brands.

As a poet, author, blogger and voice over artist, honestly. I'm horrible at promoting myself, and knew I needed help in increasing my visibility. Enter Eyeology, Inc. I came on board with the company in late fall of 2014, and have since seen a big leap in my online media presence. Not only has my electronic footprint grown, but the face-to-face sessions with Kai are extremely insightful. With true honesty and a down-to-earth nature, she's like a counselor that lovingly exposes your hidden blocks, and encourages you to move forward in the best possible way. And, she comes with great resources in her tool kit. I've been very pleased working with Eyeology, Inc

Andrea Daniel

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